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Quinnandfox.com – About Us

Quinn and Fox is a collaboration of artists from all over the country which aims to push through the goal of environmental conservation. It started in 2005 and since then have already sold several thousand products to people from all over the world. Their exquisite design and techniques in crafting these eco-friendly products are what make them sought after in the field of organic products. All designs are exceptionally unique and one of a kind which emphasizes the role of the earth and the environment to its inhabitants.

What started this movement is simply the awareness of the group into the worsening climate change. The continuous melting of the polar caps in the polar regions had been eye-opening to them. There is also the sudden extremities in the weather condition. All of these became their motivation to start moving. At once, the brainstormed to figure out where all the problems are stemming from. They want it to be something wherein everyone could participate. As such, they started the no plastic campaign and created alternatives for them.

Since the people behind the Quinn and Fox are not after profits, they looked for a foundation they could help with the earnings they get from the sales. This foundation shares the same vision they have which is to advocate for the conservation of natural resources. One of the projects they continuously support under their recipient foundation would be the planting of trees and garbage segregation. They help people find a new place for recyclable materials such as beer bottles and cans. To those who want to earn anew, people behind Quinn and Fox look for companies and shops who could buy them for reuse. All in all, they help lessen the garbages that take over the landfills.

The people behind Quinn and Fox would continue to advocate for environmental preservation. They hope that one day, with their encouragement, they would be able to make a significant change in the world.