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Quinnandfox.com – Testimonials

Abby, 17

I love this initiative from Quinn and Fox. The reusable stuff is really very convenient and saves us a lot of money. The reusable bags they have are very useful especially when it is grocery shopping day. Many stores have resorted to using brown bags, but this proved to be a hassle especially during the rainy season and was snowing. While the brown bags easily break apart which cause your goods to stumble all over the pavement, the eco-bags from Quinn and Fox help you be more organizes. Plus, they come in many colors and sizes and are washable too. Super love it.

Melinda, 27

The statement shirts here are to die for. The cloth is very beautiful and soft on the skin. They are like your bedsheets which have a thousand strand in them. I feel like a working artwork when I wear the tops I buy from here.

Bonn, 38

What I love the most about Quinn and Fox are their tees. They really make a statement when worn and obviously made of good quality. Just one look would tell you that. It is unique too. I bet you won’t be able to find the same designs elsewhere. They are hand painted and takes up many different views on their subject.

Mitch, 21

So happy to be a part of this advocacy of the Quinn and Fox group. I witnessed firsthand their ability to help many individuals because of their craft. They are very ingenious too in developing more stuff to sell to their customers. Two thumbs-up for Quinn and Fox!